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Retained Rights

We manage subsidiary rights to our authors' published works.  Please contact Rebecca Pratt if you are a writer, an agent, a publisher or a producer seeking:

Before you send us anything, please understand a few facts:

  1. Writing a book is a labor of love; selling it to a publisher and then marketing it is an arduous task.

  2. We choose to represent authors who have the skills to write, the discipline to do the work, and the willingness to work with us to market the product. Your query may be your only chance to show us your skills, your art and your enthusiasm. Show us your best. Be professional, use good grammar and good composition skills.

  3. While we are not traditional in that we are open to new writers and that we accept submissions by e-mail, we are traditional in what we expect to see in a query.  Many people can write well while fewer are tenacious enough to become published authors.

  4. We accept multiple simultaneous submissions. Although we are not happy about it, we do understand why authors do it. We do ask that if another agency expresses interest that you will keep us informed.

  5. We try to do a 4 to 6 weeks on queries and 3 to 6 months on full manuscripts; and while this is our goal we often fall short when the workload is busy.  We accept gentle reminders, and we always strive to do better.

  6. We want to do a good job since our success as an agency is contingent upon our ability to recognize and sign quality authors. We can not do it without your help and full cooperation. We are looking for partners to join us.

  7. ​We NEVER charge reading fees for considering work, nor do we charge for standard copyediting of accepted submissions.

  8. We are always looking for good fiction.  We especially like thrillers, chick lit, YA, Children's lit, Romance in all sub-genres (contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense), fantasy, and dark fiction. We are no longer accepting how-to books, biographies, self-help, narrative nonfiction and creative nonfiction. We are not reading  plays, poetry or scripts at this time.  We will consider graphic novels. 

  9. ​Send queries as email text only--we do not open unsolicited attachments. Do not send queries to any address other than those indicated in these pages.

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