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by  Pam Chillemi-Yeager

Tired of big city life and dead end relationships, Angel Peretti, a thirtyish ad executive with a cliché for every situation, impulsively boards a flight home. Joined by her NYC besty, who insists that she can handle being one of three African Americans in Fairvale, PA, Angel's 'Norman Rockwell Italian style' fantasy bubble is quickly burst. Her grandmother is in the hospital, her childhood friend, Robyn, left her husband for another woman, and Angel's loathsome cousin's teenage daughter has sequestered herself in the attic. When Angel learns that her high school love, Jake Greybill, is back in town, she is thrown into a tailspin.

Meanwhile, Jake is having his own problems: the church where he works is cutting ties to the local women's shelter because Robyn, the shelter director, is  in a lesbian  relationship.  When the pastor asks Jake to release a statement saying  he is straight, Jake storms out. Later, he spies Angel at the market and is as overwhelmed as she was. 

Just as Angel and Jake are making their way back to one another, events go from unsettling to dangerous. Secrets are revealed in the wake of tragedy. Will Angel and Jake be able to lay the past to rest and get beyond the present? With humor and heart, their fate is finally revealed.

Temporarily closed to queries/submissions

The Rebecca Pratt

Fiction; Chick Lit

Word Count - 80,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

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