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Publishers:  Please visit our Manuscripts page to see what we have to offer or contact one of our agents to discuss your interests. 

Publishers, producers, agents or their representatives are invited to contact Rebecca to discuss unassigned rights for any of the books that we represent.

Do you have a manuscript that you are trying to get published?

You have several options including one of attempting to have the agents at the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group represent your work.

The writers we choose to work with are talented wordsmiths with a well framed story and the motivation to do whatever is necessary to find a publisher.

If you are such a person go to Do I need an agent?  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our authors either have a manuscript listed for sale with the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group or are published authors whose books have been sold by our agents.  Currently available works are listed on their own page under Manuscripts and contain a description of the work they have to offer and published works are listed at the end of their brief biography.