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The Rebecca Pratt

Genre - Mainstream Fiction

​                Period Piece 

Word Count - 8o,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

“Novelist Willis Withers took the train west, lost his wife to a mountain, became a fugitive and ended up with a smile.”


byRobert VanDeventer

In 1954, Big Willis Withers is bigger than ever. His gossip column is now in 500 newspapers. He’s just  received a note of bravo from President Eisenhower. His radio show’s Hooper rating soars off the scale. And now –  to no one’s surprise – his first novel has sold a million copies. Pundits en masse are riding down to Hodge, NJ, to interview the guy. Everything’s going his way. But stay tuned. This week and next, while riding the rails across the continent to promote a second novel, he must face his wife’s fatal plunge, his daughter’s abortion, his agent’s stealing of royalties, his agent’s protege fleeing from her father, and his own past – at last revealed by his fleeting fame – labeling him a fugitive.  So, all aboard!  Nothing to worry about. He rounds each curve and crosses each trestle, blundering in the end somehow into the working bliss he always wanted.

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