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Geoff Nelder

After teaching for 30 years Geoff is now a freelance writer and editor living in the UK. He won a commendation in the Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition. Geoff has won short story competitions at Café Doom, and won a Silver Award for thriller, HOT AIR at a Netherlands academy. It was published in 2009. Geoff was the lead scriptwriter for an experimental Internet TV sitcom and is an editor for Adventure Books of Seattle, co-editing the science fiction print and ebook magazine, Escape Velocity. He had a humorous thriller, ESCAPING REALITY, published in 2005. EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEE, a science fiction novel won a Top Ten Finalist award in the Predators & Editors readers poll in 2009. LEFT LUGGAGE, part of the trilogy ARIA, was voted the best science fiction novel of 2012 by Preditors & Editors and is published by LL Publications.  XAGHRA'S REVENGE, a fantasy based on a real event on Gozo in 1551, is available for review. Geoff is a member of the British Science Fiction Association, the British Fantasy Society and the Society of Authors.

Publishers can consider Geoff's latest manuscript, a 90,000 word Magic and Fantasy novel titled XAGHRA'S REVENGE by contacting Agent Rebecca Pratt.

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