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Agent--An author's representative who offers creative works for publication and services the contracts generated.

Agent of Record--The agent who is responsible for setting the tone for and managing an agency consisting of agents and associate agents.

Associate Agent--An agent representing authors and working under the authority and control of an agent.

Bio.--Author or agent biography.  Crafted mainly to provide publishers' representatives with an appreciation why this person is qualified to write the manuscript that is for sale or to indicate why they are representing these authors.

Jacket Blurb--Will be written by your publisher's marketing department.

Log Line--A one sentence synopsis that will be used by your agent to market your manuscript to a potential publisher.  Good Log Lines sell manuscripts while a poorly crafted one can interfere with sales.  Also called a Tag Line.

Platform--A detailed description of what you will do to sell your book.  Contents will include places that you can speak, book signings, conferences that you attend, and ways to use the internet to best advantage to publicize your books and you.

Proposal--The method by which all books are sold.  It is essentially a business plan for your product, a book.  The proposal consists of a section about the book, a section on marketing the book, or how you plan to sell your book.  Publishers know what they will do to publicize your work; they also want to know what you will do. The final section of a proposal is about the author, your experience and special knowledge that make you the best person to write this work.

Query--Your key to publication.  Puts your best face before the audience that can accomplish what you need done.  If you are reading this you most likely sent a query that got us to say yes to you.  Now together we will refine that message and market your manuscript to potential publishers.

Synopsis--There are two kinds, short and long.  Your agent will help you refine the synopses that you will need to get past the publication gatekeepers.  We work together on these.  Not to be confused with Web Synopses or Log Lines as defined here.

Tag Line--See Log Line.

Web Site--Our website serves two major purposes:  1) attracting authors, and 2) selling manuscripts.  

  1. The process we use to explain our services and get writers to submit queries is designed to find well written manuscripts AND highly motivated writers.  It is intended to have strict parameters and tells us if a talented writer also has the discipline required to met the diverse needs of the publishing industry.
  2. We also attempt to craft web synopses that meet the stated needs of publishers' representatives.

Web Synopses--A single paragraph of no more than five simple sentences that sets the characters and plot, notes major plot twists and explains the ending of the work (it is of its nature a spoiler).  Written specifically to provide a teaser that will lead publishers representatives to contact the agent and request a copy of the manuscript to read.

Have a manuscript you are trying to get published?

You have several options including one of attempting to have the agents at the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group represent your work.

The writers we choose to work with are talented wordsmiths with a well framed story and the motivation to do whatever is necessary to find a publisher.

If you are such a person go to Do I need an agent?  We look forward to hearing from you.

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