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Contact Rebecca and let her know what you are currently seeking.  

We get many queries each month and turn down most because, among other reasons, we are not necessarily up to date on all the market nuances.  

Sometimes serendipity is simply a matter of communication.


by Joe Geringer gives us a 64,000 word look at London as it slid into the 20th Century.  Contact Rebecca Pratt for a reading copy.

NON-FICTION Manuscripts

"Humor, secrets, reunion love, friendship, eccentric relatives, letting go of the past and small town America all in one novel."

From the fertile mind of Pamela Chillemi Yeager comes ANGEL TALK, an 80,000 word piece of Chick Lit.  Contact Rebecca to read the manuscript.


“A mega corp's stealth seed is taking control of the world's wheat and only a combat vet with PTSD can stop it.”

George Amabile's latest Suspense FictionWHEAT FEVER at 96,000 words can be read by contacting his agent, Rebecca Pratt.


​"Trapped on an alien world, an unlikely band of adventurers set off across a dragon-haunted land fraught with dangers, to find the long-lost treasure that can return them to Earth."
Frank Cavallo's THE EYE OF THE STORM is Dark Fantasy which is ready at 95,000 words.  Contact Rebecca Pratt for a review copy.

Our FICTION Manuscripts

We are pleased to present an assortment of superb fiction and nonfiction properties. We are screening submissions in almost all genres. All of the manuscripts listed here are available for publication unless indicated. Publishers or their representatives desiring additional information on any of these projects please contact the agent listed for the manuscript or Rebecca.  To read the synopsis of the book click on the Working Title (IN CAPITAL LETTERS). We welcome advice from publishers and their representatives.