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Michelle Dempsey


Michelle Dempsey is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and is planning on completing her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and History with a concentration in Children’s Literature in April 2016. We are honored to have her as an Intern and a reader of Children's Literature Queries which should be sent directly to

She is currently vice president in her chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honor Society, and recently won first prize in critical essays in American Literature at the honor society’s international convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A proud member of the Harry Potter generation and dedicated reader of the likes of Rick Riordan and C.S. Lewis, Michelle is a firm believer that good books read at a young age help create strong and consistent readers later in life, which is why she wishes to dedicate her life to finding and publishing quality books for children of all ages.

Although she believes that a person is never too old to read children’s books, she also enjoys reading adult historical fiction and fantasy because they both force the imagination to put readers in both times and places they’ve never experienced before.

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