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Fiction; Memoir

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by  Melissa Douglas

Not Good Enough is a memoir by Melissa Douglas about her experience both as a professional and a patient navigating the myriad aspects of mental health services. The book chronicles her many adventures through treatments for bipolar disorder such as electroconvulsive therapy,  trans magnetic stimulation and various  medications.  Ultimately, Melissa’s quest for mental health leads to a groundbreaking treatment called Fecal Matter Transplant. This  treatment modality has for many years helped people with bowel illnesses.  Groundbreaking scientific research now shows that FMT  has a huge impact on mood disorders, linked to bowel microbes.

There are memoirs about living with bi-polar disorder. There are none featuring a patient who becomes an acclaimed mental health advocate, speaker and therapist using such a controversial new treatment.  Heartbreaking, lyrical and ultimately triumphant, Not Good Enough offers help, encouragement and great insight .

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