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A Personal Letter To Prospective Clients

The Rebecca Pratt Literary Group
Rebecca Pratt, Agent
Seven Mile House ° P.O. Box 77 ° Lititz, Pennsylvania 17543-0077

Dear Prospective Client;

Literary agencies come in all shapes and sizes and specialize in every imaginable kind of writing.  Choosing the right agency is a critical step in becoming a successful author.  Given your many choices, why should you pick the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group?

SERVICE: Our unique personalized approach goes far beyond most

other agencies and includes:

·        Personal review and critique of submissions.  Our rejections

typically include a detailed explanation of our decision.  Accepted

submissions also receive our suggestions for enhancement.

·        Copyediting of submitted work.  With the author's full advice, consent, and participation, we carefully review each accepted work for typos, grammar, etc.  If we find larger problems, we report our findings to the author, who retains full control over his or her work.

·        Careful review of marketing opportunities.  We research appropriate marketplaces for each submission and contact editors personally to build rapport before submitting work.

INTEGRITY: As authors ourselves, we know all too well the deleterious effects of organizations that prey on aspiring authors.  As part of our commitment to service:

·        Our clients can count on being treated with the utmost respect and honesty.

·        Our standard representation contract is written in plain English- no legalese!

PASSION: We’re in this business because we love excellent writing.  We refuse to limit ourselves by genre or author experience, taking on clients whose work excites and inspires us.  Are you a new author with an amazing book?  We’d love to take you on!  Are you a bestseller whose latest work puts us to sleep?  We’ll pass.

COMMITMENT: If you’re looking for an up-and-coming literary agency that combines a deep love of the written word with utmost dedication to its clients and an unflinching adherence to honest and ethical business practices, we’d be pleased to review your work for possible representation. 

Can we guarantee you a bestseller?  No.  Can we guarantee our best efforts on your behalf should we represent you?  Absolutely!


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