Now what do you need an agent for?

In this industry it is normal business for the publisher to send a check to the Agent of Record who then distributes it according to contract.  That is the way we operate at the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group.

Publishers typically pay annually and hold a portion against future royalties.  We try to negotiate a more frequent payment schedule and a shorter hold but are seldom successful with an author's first book.

Publishers credit you when a book goes out the door BUT the booksellers generally have a period of time to return the book for full credit.  When that happens your pending royalty payment is similarly reduced.

Your royalty checks are sent to us.  We deduct the percentage that is cited in your personal contract (typically 15%) and write you a check for the remainder.

That percentage reimburses us for all that we have spent in the process of representing you, finding a publisher and negotiating a contract.  It also pays our overhead including office supplies, mailing costs and the maintenance of this web site.

We will continue to support you in any way that we can, including publicity suggestions when we can as well as seeking out and responding to opportunities to sell your subsidiary rights.  That discussion continues on the next page.

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