A craftsman is only as good as his tools.

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The Rebecca Pratt

By now you should have realized that even though you have written a manuscript what will become the nation's best selling book this year, it will never happen until we find a publisher.  To that end we have helped you create the quality tools that your agent needs to get the attention of the right publisher.

Your agent uses personal contact, web-generated leads and other methods to get your manuscript recognized by someone who can make publication happen.  With an arsenal of professionally crafted synopses, logline and platform  your agent can represent you well and with confidence.  The toolbelt is full of precision instruments to hone in on the publisher who is also looking for you.

The remainder of this item is being created by one of our agents and will appear here soon.

Until then, lets talk about what happens when a publisher offers a contract.  That discussion takes place  here.

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