The Day it Becomes Real

There it is!  Holding it in your hands you involuntarily caress the slick dust cover.  You stare at the title and are taken by how exciting it is to see your name emblazoned on the cover.  This is your book--and "your" is used in a way that few others will ever appreciate.  You are indeed a published author and can tuck it under your arm and show the world.

Now come the questions you never dared to ask and the questions you never knew to ask.  At this phase of your association with the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group, your agent becomes your mentor.  We have been there with other authors and are prepared for the unimagined.

You rightfully will want to know how you will get paid.  You want to know the publisher's responsibilities toward you and your responsibilities toward them.  What are the legal limits of what you can and can not do.  These questions now need to be answered and your agent/mentor will be discussing this with you.

We will also remind you at that point that what you are holding in your hand may not be the most valuable of your rights--most of which you still own.  Those remaining, unsold rights are discussed on the page Subsidiary Rights, which we will get to soon.  For now, lets go to the next page and find out how you will be paid.

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