Robert VanDeventer

Robert VanDeventer started writing at Duke, in the class that produced Mac Hyman, William Styron, Reynolds Price, and Anne Tyler. After college he went to New York to write questions for quiz shows, speeches for three governors and several corporate CEOs, and articles on governmental projects. He probably wrote more words on planning and building the World Trade Center than anybody else. When Bob finally withdrew from the New York scene, he got an itch for cars – especially auto auctions – and used the experience for the novel now on the market calledWHO IS MISTER I? He also published three novels with “niche” publishers including a novelized memoir of experiences during his youth, when he appeared on radio and television.  Now he has on the market a second major novel  –CONS FROM THE ROCK– not from experience. It’s about Alcatraz – escape and intrigue on the Rock and in Washington. What really happened in 1962 has never been told before. And now BIG WILLIS WITHERS will fascinate you as you follow him on a downward spiral that ends up exactly where he wants to be.

Bob lives in Virginia, working on what he calls a double whammy.

Publishers can find four manuscripts by Robert VanDeventer on this site. A novel titled WHO IS MISTER I? set among the auto auction industry is ready at 72,000 words while his 83,000 word suspense novelCONS FROM THE ROCKis primed for publication.  THE JANUS IMAGE, at 95,000 words is suspense involving bullets, pitchforks, black jacks and canoes.  New to the mix is BIG WILLIS WITHERS, a successful novelist whose life unfolds on a train trip west and ends up in a personal nirvana.  The agent representing these works isRebecca Pratt.

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