Break Out the Bubbly

Now's the time to celebrate.  The contract has been negotiated and signed and if you don't have it now you will soon know the date that yourBOOK will be printed.

Congratulations you are now a published author.

Between now and the publication date there are some things that you can do to help your book be successful.

First, tell people.  Spread the word far and wide, use your personal network, social networking and even local media.  Let everyone know that there will soon be a book available for them to obtain and read.

Review your Platformto see what you have told the publisher that you can do to help sell your book.  You can start arranging for book signings, talking to local bookstores, chatting with librarians and buying a cup of coffee for the local newspaper reporters who will be reviewing your book.

If you have promised to obtain reviews from well known authors or experts in the subject, now is the time to start gathering them.  Your publisher will be designing your jacket cover and will need those reviews and quotes rather quickly.

Your agent will help you when possible and will always be available to keep you on track but for the most part it is now your book and your responsibility. When it is available on Amazon (or from an on-line bookseller that you would prefer) we will place a link from your bio to your book.

We have considered setting up an on-line bookstore for the works of our authors but ethical considerations are keeping us from doing that at the present time.

Now, lets look at what Publication really means on the next page.

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