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Fiction, Dark Fantasy

Word Count - 95,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

​​"Trapped on an alien world, an unlikely band of adventurers set off across a dragon-haunted land fraught with dangers, to find the long-lost treasure that can return them to Earth."


byFrank Cavallo

Former Navy SEAL Jackson Slade and stunningly beautiful Dr. Anna Fayne are swept from Earth by an unexplained storm of black flames. Trapped, they are transported to another dimension; a savage, primeval wilderness and are stalked by long extinct beasts.

Through ruined cities and atop dragon-haunted mountains they chase the legend of a lost key, said to be able to summon the mysterious black fire. But other refugees from history are seeking the same treasure. They include a dark wizard leading an un-dead army bent upon conquest. A warrior-kingdom of fierce Neanderthals stands against them.

​An outcast leper, whose strange affliction may hold the secret to ruling the lost world—as well as their only chance to return home, rounds out the company.

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