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Fiction; Paranormal Romance

Word Count - 75,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt


byPam Chillemi-Yeager

Following a whirlwind courtship, Rick Dearborn marries the enigmatic, beautiful clairvoyant, Rubilee Hunter. The couple is blissfully unaware that an ancient prophecy predicts that they are destined to join forces with the Goddesses of old to bring to an end the alarming number of international child killings. The Goddess Demeter, in shifter disguise, comes to their home to help them thwart the God of war, Ares, who is behind the dastardly plot. After Rubilee miscarries in an eerie event, Rick's favorite client disappears, leaving behind a map with cryptic symbols similar to those Rubilee carved in the ground the night of the miscarriage. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance as the couple embark on a cross country journey in search of answers, culminating in mayhem, magic and more.