“A mega corp's stealth seed is taking control of the world's wheat and only a combat vet with PTSD can stop it.”


by George Amabile

     Detective Lieutenant Nick Cortese is assigned to a routine homicide that leads him deeper and deeper into a struggle with Corporate power backed by Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.

     Unsettled by the shooting death of his partner and haunted by unresolved issues from his combat tours as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, he must fight off attacks by a team of contract mercenaries, neutralize threats to those he loves, prove his innocence when framed for a capital crime and ferret out the mastermind behind the Stealth Seed Agenda, an ingenious scheme that will use an astonishing scientific discovery to control the entire planet’s wheat crops. 

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Fiction; Suspense

Word Count - 96,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

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