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Genre - Novel

Word Count - 72,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

“Sneak illegal cars into Cuba? First, take a spin with the elusive Mister I.”


byRobert VanDeventer

A suspense romp of cars and characters. Some of each are pretty rare. It involves Castro’s Cuba with America’s much maligned business – used cars. Roger Deerman, the big Philly car dealer, is secretly and illegally selling cars in Cuba and he needs a “big, honest guy” to spin and cover the operation. Fred Burns, the former pro wrestler and sometime sports writer, now sells classic cars – Hudsons, Cords, and Nashes. Deerman insists that Burns is also Mr. Iconoplast, Philly’s mysterious image maker, and insists he take the job. Well, Burns is big and probably honest but he swears, “I’m not Mr. I. Absolutely not!”– even when bribed with a 1949 Hudson convertible. But Burns now knows about Cuba, so, Deerman frames him for murder. Within hours, he’s dumped in the bay, trapped aboard a yacht with daughter Nell, and attacked by a power boat on the Delaware (it crashes into a battleship). He’s about to be shot at an auction lot, too, but is saved by a tattooed lady. He winds up in a chase all over New Jersey, attacked by thugs, elephants, and rhinos. Still, he’s inscrutable. The tattooed lady thanks him with a Mercedes 300SL. It’s for Mister I. Is that you? He drools, but cries, “It is not!.”

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