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Genre - Magic / Fantasy

Word Count - 90,000

Agent - Rebecca Pratt

"When the population of the island are snatched by pirates their spirits cry out for revenge but it would be half a millennia until the right couple came together – only they don’t know anything, yet."


byGeoff Nelder

Reece is a modern American living in France. He fancies Zita, she doesn’t him, but doesn’t realize ancient spirits are pushing them together. When he’s sent to Libya he discovers he’s descended from an abducted slave and Zita comes from 16th century pirate slavers. The spirits of the abducted cry for revenge and Reece, with Zita, encounter their ancestors in the Seige of Malta. Reece has changed from a deluded vacuity to a richly experienced adventurer and lover with the future of the present secured.